Say A Prayer For My Business

Lord, thank you for another blessed day, thank you for putting clothes on my back and food on my table. Please forgive me of my sins; anything that I have said, thought or done that has not be pleasing to you. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, what you are doing for me and what you will continue to do for me. I come to you as humbly as I know how asking that you keep my business covered with your blood and that you give me the wisdom and the knowledge to maintain it. I pray that you will get all of the glory through my business and that people will see less of me and more of you. Show me how to be a servant for you and how draw souls through fashion. With your help God, I will remain humble and I will not be moved by the ways of the world. Give me the strength and patience with the people I encounter on this journey and to constantly keep them in my prayers even those who spitefully use me. Thank you for the abundant revenue and success that you will allow me to reach. Lord let your will be done and use me to be a light in this dark world. Give me the words say so that I will not harm anyone with words from my mouth. Lead me so that my feet will not go anywhere that you do not want them to go. Give me pure intentions at all times as well as an understanding and forgiving spirit. Show me how to stand firm on my decisions, how to be a woman of my word and remain professional at all times. Thank you for the strength to say "yes" when yes is the right answer and "no" when no is right answer. As I travel and meet new people keep me safe from seen and unseen dangers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


  • Breyahna King

    Hello love , it will all come into place and it will happen !! Greater than you ever imagined !!! I’m praying and supporting you !! ??

  • jennifer goodwin

    And he will!

  • Colleen

    Amen. I’m in agreement!

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